Making the most of your kitchen design using top technology

11:56 AM April 12, 2022

Forget the weeks of dust and disturbance and say hello to a modern, multi-functioning kitchen without the hassle. 

Experts in worktop makeovers Granite & TREND Transformations can install surfaces directly over your current worktops and cupboards, modernising what you already have and removing the stress, mess and upheaval of a full kitchen renovation.

We chat to Danny Hanlon, Chief Operating Officer of Granite & TREND Transformations in Eastbourne, who shares five tips on how to create a modern, high-quality kitchen that’s built to last.

“You can request a postal brochure to get an initial idea. Then a consultant will visit your home, measure your kitchen and provide a quote, so you don’t need to do anything,” says Danny. “The process generally takes from one to three days, depending on the amount of work required, and comes with a 10-year warranty.”

Below, he outlines what to consider to improve the functionality of your kitchen:

Refaced modern worktop renovation by Granite & TREND Transformations in Eastbourne, Sussex.

All Granite & TREND Transformations worktops are heat, stain and scratch-resistant and will stay looking as good as new.

– Credit: Granite & TREND Transformations

1. Create a multi-functional kitchen sink area  

Research shows that we spend around 60 per cent of our time in the kitchen at the sink. “If I was redesigning kitchen, this is where I’d start first,” Danny tells us. “Many kitchen makeovers begin with the need for a new sink or tap, which then leads onto a desire to modernise and upgrade the worktop surfaces.” 

Selecting the right material for your worktops is crucial. Granite & TREND Transformations offers a variety of choices ranging from stainless steel to granite composite. 

“Built-in colanders, neat draining areas and boiling water taps are just a few of the small and easy tweaks you can make to your kitchen design to improve its efficiency,” Danny says. 

“No matter what the size of the space, there are modern features you can install to save on energy bills and cut down time spent in the kitchen. We can even create compact chopping boards for smaller kitchens to create a tidier prepping area over your sink.”  

These affordable updates can mean you spend less time cooking and cleaning, and more time eating, relaxing and doing the things you love.

Renovated, modern kitchen design with resurfaced worktops by Granite & TREND Transformations in Eastbourne, Sussex

Installing modern features like boiling hot water taps can save you money on energy bills and cut down time spent in the kitchen.

– Credit: Granite & TREND Transformations

2. Opt for anti-bacterial surface technology 

Since the pandemic, it’s now more important than ever to maintain a hygienic, clean home. Kitchen surfaces can harbour large amounts of bacteria, particularly when preparing meat and fresh produce. 

“We offer built-in, anti-microbial product protection for kitchen surfaces, which we source from Microban, the world’s largest manufacturer of microbial technology,” Danny explains. 

“The technology disrupts the bacteria’s ability to metabolise, enabling your surfaces to remain clean in between wiping.”

Microband anti-bacterial worktop surface technology by Granite & TREND Transformations in Eastbourne, Sussex

Microban’s anti-bacterial technology will keep your surfaces cleaner between cleans.

– Credit: Granite & TREND Transformations

3. Consider smooth edges for your worktops

Seamless transitions and effortless finishes are a desirable aesthetic for any modern kitchen.  

“The focus now is not only on the individual features themselves, but how the design allows them to flow into one another,” Danny explains. “For island benches, we offer smooth edges and clean lines to create a waterfall effect between the unit and the floor.”  

Granite & TREND Transformations can also offer this service for windowsills and splashbacks, so you can achieve a seamless look without breaking up your kitchen’s design.

4. Install scratch, stain and heat-resistant countertops 

It’s only natural our kitchens will experience some wear and tear over time. However, modern heat, stain and scratch-resistant technology will help your kitchen to remain looking its best for longer.  

“Our non-porous slabs are finished with a product called ‘FOREVER seal’, which is more affordable, guaranteed for life and doesn’t require any extra work after installation unlike marble,” Danny says.

“We can replicate natural marble patterns, such as Calacatta, Carrara and Arabescato, so clients can achieve the finish that they want, without the expense or maintenance.” 

Granite & TREND Transformations materials, etherium® By E-Stone, come in a range of over 36 different colours and patterns and are complete with a selection of quartz, granite, marble effects and post-consumer recycled glass.

Modern worktops resurfaced and renovated in a modern design by Granite & TREND Transformations in Eastbourne. Sussex

The worktops come in a variety of 36 colours and patterns, made with replicate natural patterns of marble, quartz and granite.

– Credit: Granite & TREND Transformations

5. Utilise your storage space 

“My advice is to replace your cupboard doors with drawers to maximise your kitchen storage,” Danny says. “More drawers allow extra space for crockery and appliances, making them easier to grab when you need them.”  

Granite & TREND Transformations offers a variety of fully extending drawers and tall larder units, which can be accessed from either side, fitting even the tightest of corner units and improving efficiency in your kitchen. Installing soft-close drawers can also help to protect them, so they last longer.  

“We provide innovative solutions designed to fit the exact measurements of your kitchen, without needing to change its design or layout, and enabling you to maximise the room’s potential,” Danny explains. “Each storage unit can be individually tailored to suit your needs and personal habits.”  

The company delivers a local design and fitting service through a network of dedicated franchise owners to offer you a direct and efficient service. With over one million installations completed worldwide, Granite & TREND Transformations can deliver your dream kitchen to the highest standard at an affordable price and in the shortest possible timeframe. 

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