Pause on wireless facilities is not anti-technology

Torbert H. Macdonald

“The people had to take it upon themselves and do this petition. It comes to a point that when government doesn’t work for you, you have to do it on your own, and the people of the Heights did and I’m supportive of that because of the neglect of town leaders, me being one of them.” (Mike Estes, The York Weekly, 3/25/22)

Mr. Dana Connors wrongly characterizes our proposal as an attempt to deny “the deployment of new infrastructure.” Not so – the citizens of York Connects – Pause and Plan are not anti-technology but we are in favor of “safe and responsible technology.”

That’s why our proposed ordinance is two-fold:

1. Pause: A temporary pause in the permitting of new wireless telecommunication facilities (WCF), not a permanent ban.

2. Plan: The formation of an Ad Hoc Committee to study the flaws in our current WCF ordinance and recommend changes to the selectmen and Planning Board, planning for new WCF rather than accepting what the hyperventilating industry is trying to shove down our collective throats. Any cable viewer has to be overwhelmed by a tsunami (many billions of dollars worth of advertising) touting the virtues of 5G technology, all acts of desperation as they sense the public’s skeptical scrutiny increasing.

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