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NextOre: Bulk Ore Sorting

With grade quality declining around the world, efficiency is more crucial than ever for mining operations, and miners need to produce more from less. Bulk ore sorting has the power to boost productivity and reduce waste. Now, it has become a commercial reality for mining and mineral processing companies.

This whitepaper introduces the cutting-edge technology making bulk ore sorting precise, fast, simple and safe. With the help of case studies, it examines in detail the benefits for mining companies, from increasing metal recovery to decreasing an operation’s footprint.

NextOre is at the forefront of bulk ore sorting solutions, and its award-winning magnetic resonance (MR) technology is providing ground-breaking sorting speed and accuracy. By allowing miners to be selective of the material they take into downstream processing, NextOre’s innovative technology helps them accelerate towards their sustainability targets.

Discover what NextOre solutions could do for your business.

by Worley

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