Did Boomers or Millennials have it harder buying a house? We try to answer this age-old question

“Do you know what’s wrong with the smashed-avocado generation?”

I was on a suburban street filming a story about young people struggling to get into the housing market, when a woman unpacking groceries in her driveway asked about my topic.

As she hit me with that rhetorical, I knew I was in for it.

“This generation is greedy,” she concluded.

On the other side of the footpath, it’s not unusual to hear Millennials malign their parents for negative gearing their way to retirement, and inflating prices for today’s buyers along the way.

So which generation had it harder buying a home?

House prices today are far higher than wages

In the Millennials’ court, we have the argument that buying a house today is far harder because the rate property prices have soared is well beyond that of wages growth.

In the pandemic alone, the median property price shot up 26 per cent… yes, more than a quarter.


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